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Built on Amazing Grace
By Daryl Williams & Chris Collins

Verse 1
This body is a temple
The place where Jesus dwells
He paid the price on Calvary
And I’m not about to sell
From the day we started building
He’s been my dearest friend
Construction’s not completed
But the Carpenter’s moved in
This house was built on amazing grace
Anchored in the Rock of Ages
Bought by the blood of the Lamb
Recorded in the Bible pages
The floors are holy ground
And the walls are made of grace
And the devil can’t tear it down
It’s built on amazing grace
Verse 2
Some folks are building houses
On nothing but shifting sand
When the angry storms are raging
They fall for the winds of man
They’ve built a lot of mansions
That I cannot afford
But as for me and my house
We will serve the Lord
Repeat chorus three times

(JoAnne Poblano, Herman & Sonnie Harp, Marc Judd, Chuck & Dona Fulmore)

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