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By Anonymous

Verse 1
Well, satisfied,
I’m satisfied!
Jesus. Said He would be my Comfort,
Said He would be my Guide.
Well, well, I looked at my hands,
My hands looked new;
I looked at my feet and they did, too.
And ever since that wonderful day
My soul’s been satisfied.
Verse 2
Well, the Lord moves in mysterious ways
His wonders to perform.
You know, He plants His feet
On ev’ry step – and then
He rides on ev’ry storm.
Well, He fixed my feet for runnin’ boys,
And my eyes, He opened up wide.
He fixed my tongue so I can say,
“Praise God, I’m satisfied.”
Verse 3
Well, it was way down yonder in the valley, boys,
I was wandering all alone.
And it was there I met my Jesus, where, you know,
He claimed me for His own.
And then He put His arms all around me there
And then He drew me up to His side.
Oh, yes, I’m satis -
Soul’s been satisfied. 
My soul’s been satisfied.



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