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We're On the Edge of Glory
By Carole Derry-Bretsch

Verse 1
Just look all around us
The signs of His coming are here
We’ve read about them for many years
But now they are becoming clear
Though some feel fear and uncertainty
We know the end is near
For events are leading up to that day
And finally we’ll be leaving here
We’re on the edge of glory
Goin’ home to meet our Lord
We’ll praise our Savior face to face
And listen to His words
There’ll be no pain and sadness
No sin can be found
So let’s shout hallelujah
Soon we’ll be heaven bound
Verse 2
Why should we feel worried
For our lives aren’t built on fear
Our assurance is in Jesus Christ
Our precious Lord so dear
So let’s make sure we’re ready
For His coming in the air
He’ll take us home to heaven
Where eternity we shall share
Repeat chorus twice
So let’s shout hallelujah
Let’s all shout hallelujah
Let’s all shout hallelujah
Soon we will be heaven bound
Soon we will be heaven bound!
(Carole Derry-Bretsch, Zory Hall)

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