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O What a Savior
By Marvin P. Dalton

Verse 1
Once I was straying
In sin’s dark valley;
No hope within could I see,
They searched thru Heaven
And found a Savior
To save a poor lost soul like me.
O what a Savior!
O hallelujah!
His heart was broken
 on Calvary.
His hands were nail-scarred;
His side was riven
He gave His life-blood
   for even me.
Verse 2
He left the Father
With all His riches,
With calmness sweet and serene;
Came down from Heaven
And gave his life-blood
To make the vilest sinner clean.
Repeat chorus
Verse 3
Death’s chilly waters
I’ll soon be crossing;
His hand will lead me safe o’er.
I’ll join the chorus
In that great city,
And sing up there forevermore.
Repeat chorus

(Larry Ford)

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