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Home Sweet Home
By Williams Costa, Jr.
English version:  Leonardo Goncalves

Home, sweetest home I can call my own
Near to the heart of God.
Trouble no more, no pain or fear;
Lord, may this day be near.

I know that I'm a pilgrim, in this world I have no place,
And I desire to feel the soothing touch of your embrace.
Oh, Lord, all I long for is to see you face to face
And learn about the wonder of your grace.

But as long as I am living in this world,
Often I must sense the devil's wrath unfurled.
There are times in which I feel as if God's presence isn't real;
But then I kneel to seek in prayer what He is trying to reveal.

The enemy, he trembles, when I fold my hands to pray,
And the fallen angels flee in their dismay.
I know that Christ is able to restore me from within
For He gave His life, a sacrifice for sin.

Oh, Lord, please make me faithful, make me faithful to your love
'Cause I want to live in heaven up above.
Oh, Jesus, make me faithful, make me faithful to your word
'Cause I want to be in heaven with you, Lord!

150 & Beyond
(Sonete Costa)


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