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"Camp Meeting at Sea" - Cruise to the Panama Canal
News from our Camp Meeting at Sea Cruise to the Panama Canal, December 3-13, 2009.

Over 500 passengers were part of our cruise to the Panama in December.  Wonderful speakers, beautiful weather, a variety of good food headlined our trip.  We left Ft. Lauderdale on December 3 and stopped in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, then to Aruba -- which is noted for its lovely and colorful architecture.  On to Curacao where we hosted a Family Reunion concert in the city square, just a short distance from the ship.  People thronged the streets and cameras clicked endlessly as the "audience" sought photo ops with the singers.  A wonderful experience for all!

The Panana Canal was the next stop, entering through the locks of Gatun Lake and on to Colon.  This was a special event for all of us, as many had only imagined before the miracle of the Canal.  (Click on photos below.)

Our last stop was Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, and then two days at sea before arriving in Ft. Lauderdale on December 13.

Our main speaker was Mark Finley.  However, his presence with us was cut short as he and wife, Teenie, departed earlier than planned.  Pastor Finley's mother was very ill and ultimately passed away while our cruise was in process.  Fortunately, we were able to cover with our other capable speakers:  Fred Kinsey, Hans Diehl, Richard and JoAnne Davidson.  Our group was happy to have the Former King's Heralds and relive songs of the "good 'ole days."  Gale Jones Murphy, Marc and Andrea Judd, Shani Diehl, Jan Judd, Leonardo Goncalves, Chuck and Dona Fulmore, Joe Pearles, and Sandy Wyman Johnson filled the meetings with joy as they revealed God's love through song.

Be looking for more details as we attempt to plan another cruise in the near future!

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Exciting plans for a new cruise in 2011

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