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Jesus, I Will
By Kara Williamson, Scott Williamson
Verse 1
Seasons will come and go, life passes quickly by
Constantly faced with change
Some sunshine or winter snow, though we may laugh
    or cry
Jesus, You stay the same
Jesus, I will praise You, if I’m resting or at war
Jesus, I’ll be grateful, if I’m rich or if I’m poor
And Jesus, I will thank You, if I’m suffering or at peace
For You and You alone, I live and breathe
Verse 2
People will come and go, I’ll have to say goodbye
Sometimes I’ll go through pain
But meanwhile my faith will grow, with the ebb and
    flow of time
And still You remain the same
Repeat chorus
I will be joyful for You are my God, and joy is the
    essence of You
I’ll trust You completely no matter the cost, for You
    are the essence of truth . . .
Repeat chorus
(Faith First)

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